Friday, September 2, 2011

Bottoms up Kayaking hits the Blogisphere

Wow! Here I am, Bottoms Up Kayaking has hit the blogisphere. Don’t be worried you can still check out older B.U.K post at .

First post … lots of pressure. I guess I will just give everyone an idea of what to expect from this Blog.

                                                      Stouts this way. Photo – Tyler Fox

Lots of Stouts!!! I am always on the mission to find and fire the goods.

Tyler finds the line on the 1st drop, Huit Chutes. Photo – Josh Neilson.

There will be tales of heroic feats and epic adventures into the far reaches of the globe.

    “All I can think about is the number one rule while lost … stay calm. How the hell can you stay Calm when you’ve been separated from your group for over an hour, the sun is setting, and you’re in a km wide (crocodile, snake and spider filled) labyrinth of Pandanus hundreds of kms from the nearest signs of civilization” Tyler Fox – Fitzroy River Expedition, Kimberley Region AUS. Day 8 of 22

                     Tyler & Jesse finding there way through the trees. Photo – Kayak the Kimberley

There will be lots of stunning scenes and amazing Photography.

                         Brendan Bayly deep in the heart of Tree Trunk Gorge, NZ. Photo – Tyler Fox

                      Thomas ‘Deuce’ Fahrun nailing a helix at High Tension wave. Photo – Tyler Fox

                                  Shannon Mast fires Big Kimshew Falls, Cali. Photo – Tyler Fox

                       Graham Ball finding the sweet spot at Poutu Falls, NZ. Photo – Tyler Fox

It will be used to showcase captivating films and kayak porn alike.

                     Okere Falls Massive have a day on the Wainui River, NZ. Edit - Tyler Fox

It will be used to Celebrate Life, Lifestyle and Friendship.

                                  The Okere Falls Massive living it up. Photo – Louise Urwin

                   Simon Davidson – The best friend a person could ask for – RIP - I Ride With Si

At times the blog will be used to account details from river trips, a sort of river guide.

See link:

At all times I will shamelessly support the people, companies and products that have helped me do this thing that I do. 

                                                            Good to go. Photo -  Tyler Fox

Basically this blog is a means for me to document my adventures, most of which will evolve around my passion for Whitewater. I hope you enjoy stepping into my world!
Tyler Fox enjoying some Quebec Wilderness. Photo – Josh Neilson


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