Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White Water Grand Prix - Short Photo look back

 Without a doubt the Highlight of 2011 was the White Water Grand Prix. As a competitor it was more then I could have imagined, in so many ways, but even for the spectators this event took everyone by surprise. Everything seemed to be firing for event organiser Patrick Camblin; the water levels were cooperating to the fullest extent - Gladiator wave after a 4 year hiatus decided to come in on the opening day, and all the race courses were at the top levels of race-ability. The media team was absolutly nailing the coverage of the event, never before has there been so much anticipation to the release of results or even more so the daily highlight video. And to top if off 25 of the worlds top paddlers showed up with there big boy/girl pants on to compete on the hardest whitewater Quebec could throw at them.

A personal highlight of this event was just geting to hang with so many of your good friends, there were no attitudes among competitors so it made the events seem a little less daunting. I mean we all wanted to go faster and bigger then the guy sitting next to you in the eddy, but for most of the events we all shared a common goal ... survival.

Normally I would take heaps of photos while paddling with this many talented paddlers on such amazing rivers, but unfortunately competing made it very difficult. I didn't get that many shots, and I missed a couple events all together, but here are a few shots that I managed to get.

Hope you enjoy!

Tyler Fox

 The Valley Lads holding the bar down; Joey Hitchens, Kegan Grady, Tyler Curtis
 Tyler Fox, Bryan Kirk, Ben Marr and Chris Gragtman celebrating life after the 2nd event
 Dane Jackson, Joey Hitchens and Tino Specht talking business
 Gladiator Wave towering over Dane Jackson
 Dane picking his moment and launching a huge air on Gladiator
 A quick glance at the bottom section of the steep creek course.
Our tail gate party outside our hotel in Lac St. Jean
 The Wave Sport vehicle chillin ...
 TC throwing down on teh second wave at Pilars
Gragtmans carving up his Fish on the top wave at Pilars
Dane 'The Hammer" Jackson smashing out another beautiful airscrew
A new trade-mark trick for Dane the over-vert-revert
Capo getting the job done, interviewing Logan Grayling
 The Cobra Aniol styling it out
 The young ripper Kegan looking for some style points on his set up
Bryan Kirk pounding out the basics with a sweet blunt
 Style in motion, one of the cleanist paddlers on the wave - Mr Ben Marr
 coming all the way around for a big landing
 Lu Urwin trying to utilize that sweet green wave
Crusha Rush Sturges showing his "one love"
 The remains of the skunk insidence
 Head Judge Duece Farhun scoping the slalom course
 The crew checking out the top of the course
 Tyler Fox getting an early practise run in on the bottom drop
Kegan dropping in ... about to get smashed in a large sticky hole
 Evan Garcia about to set the courses fastest time
Bryan Kirk coming into the giant rooster
Tino coming out of the giant rooster
Katya hitting the gates in the mid section of the course
Louise Urwin coming through the mid section
 The Boys clearly stoked on more great media
The Girls stoked to have survived the WWGP
 Louise going for her victory lap down the last big drop
Claim ! you want it come get it ...

Well White Water Grand Prix - Chile is still another 10 months away, but beleive me the fire is burning hotter then ever. If you missed out on the first one make sure to tune in and follow the sequel because it is shaping up to be even more EPIC !

To see more media coverage from the WWGP visit: http://tribealliance.com/

Big Cheers to Tribe, Wave Sport, Level Six, H20 Paddles, Hydraulics and Teva for all your support and helping me get to the WWGP.