Monday, December 23, 2013

2014 WWGP Entry Application - Tyler Fox

I had thought about putting a video application together for the 2014 WWGP but my computer had different ideas, long story – not relevant. Instead of a video, how about a couple words and a few photos? I will keep this short and sweet. I would be stoked to compete in this upcoming White Water Grand Prix if given the chance. Quebec is my spring time stomping grounds, I have spent the past 7 spring seasons touring throughout Quebec exploring its many whitewater gems; steep creeks to giant waves, so I have a certain connection with the area. That and I love competing on really good whitewater amongst the best paddlers in our sport. 

I guess this is the part where I have to tell you how sick my year was and then try Not to make it sound like I will crush you in the competition if you choose me ... Awkward. ha ha just a quick recap on what I've been up to will have to do.

My 2013 season started in NZ, where I help organize what feels like a million events over the NZ summer. The great thing about this is, I also get to compete in them, putting myself up against some super fast paddlers. We had too many events to recap them all, but I was consistently in the top 5 and at the end of the summer took 3rd in the over-all points race of the NZ Extreme Race series. On top of all the race action I also got to enjoy all the amazing paddling NZ has to offer!

Boofing my way into the finals at the Wairoa Extreme Race

Rolling the lip at Big Brother on the Wainui River

Spring rolled around and with it Stakeout! The Highest of high waters had us enjoying the big volume and classic big wave features, of the Ottawa Valley and Lac St.Jean area of Quebec, as they dropped in.  The Ottawa XL was another highlight of the spring. A day of surfing Gladiator !!! Followed by a day of boater X racing down the very high Ottawa River. Staying consistent through the event I placed 7th over-all, just missing the WWGP selection by 1 point … Arrgh.

Amongst the lead pack dropping into Coli in the Boater X finals 

From there I flew to Cali, for a couple weeks of High Sierra madness! After that I traveled to Norway for 3 weeks of mind-blowing boating and an epic week at Extreme Sport Veko.

Finding a brief moment of peace and tranquility on the North Fork San Joaquin

Nothing but good ol' Cali steepness

The Light at the end of the Tunnel Chute, Norway

What was left of my Northern Hemisphere summer was spent back on the warm, playful waters of the Ottawa, kicking back getting my play boat on.

Garb Wave in full form

As any good athlete will tell you … cross training is key, so with that in mind I spent a month in Nicaragua surfing my brains out everyday! I returned, more focused then ever, into another form of cross training I like to call “Get money – get fit’ which involved 12-14 hr days of concrete work with the Monkman family.

I am currently sitting in the slightly tropical paradise of Okere Falls, NZ where my average day consists of kayaking, surfing, and down hill mtn biking… you know the daily grind of trying to become the best athlete I possibly can so that I can take out the competition at the up coming WWGP.

Regardless, the stoke is high and I will see you all there.

Chur chur,
Tyler Fox

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